Chow Down Charleston Food Tours – Our Story

Welcome to Chow Down Charleston Food Tours! As a husband and wife team, our life has always centered around food. We have had the great opportunity to live across the country as Reid put his Food Science degree to work making everything from cheese in Wisconsin, deli salads in Indiana, and popcorn right here in Charleston.

You could say we came to Charleston for the food business, and stayed for the food. With a well deserved reputation for culinary excellence, we ate our way through the city over the years, starting out with the tourist staples, and slowly finding our way to hidden gems and local favorites.

It was in these discoveries that we decided to share our passion for Charleston’s food. We wanted to create an experience that allowed locals and tourists alike to experience all that Charleston has to offer in a fun, relaxed environment. We know that food doesn’t have to be super fancy or ridiculously expensive to be delicious, and that some of the most amazing local cuisine might be easy to miss in a bustling tourist destination like Charleston. We invite you to come share in our experiences and explore Charleston with a fresh, tasty perspective.

Check out our reviews and press page here. We hope to see you soon!